Contaminated Soil Removal

contaminated soil

In many cases where soil is contaminated, the best option for remediation is excavation or removal of the soil. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we have the knowledge and experience needed to determine whether this is the best course of action for each of our clients and establish how and where soil should be removed if contamination is found. Soil removal may be the best option where hazardous chemicals are found at construction or renovation sites due to past activities on the property. Soil contamination is a hazard that presents risk of further contamination of groundwater, and if a structure sits atop contaminated soil, it can also lead to contamination of indoor air.

Contaminated soil removal requires specialized equipment and personnel to ensure the safe assessment, removal, and disposal of the contamination. Our team of expert geologists, environmental scientists, and engineers are committed to offering our clients the most effective and cost-efficient soil removal services based on the specific conditions at each site. We work closely with our clients throughout a project to ensure every concern is addressed whether it relates to environmental conditions, working conditions, budget, or project scheduling.

If your site requires Michigan contaminated soil removal services, contact us to find out how our team of specialists can help!