Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater contamination is a serious environmental risk that should be addressed soon after contamination discovery in order to mitigate the spread and negative health effects of hazardous materials in water. Left untreated, groundwater contamination can spread beneath the ground surface and cause secondary contamination of drinking water, soil, or indoor air. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, our team of environmental specialists have carried out hundreds of groundwater remediation projects ranging from minor dewatering projects to major remedial projects and tribal/municipal wellfield design, permitting, and installation oversight. We also provide aquifer characterization services including design, execution, interpretation, and reporting of slug and drawdown testing to determine aquifer characteristics and groundwater flow rates for groundwater remediation capture zones and community water supply permitting.

groundwaterWe focus on cost effective design, construction, installation, and operation of groundwater remediation systems including but not limited to soil vapor extraction, air sparging, conventional pump and treat, monitored and enhanced natural attenuation, oxygen releasing compounds, direct oxidation (Fenton’s reagent and peroxide), surfactants, excavation, and bio-remediation technologies. Our specialists also have knowledge and capabilities in cutting edge groundwater remedial techniques such as zerovalent iron technology and permeable reactive barriers. Our groundwater remediation equipment and systems are customized to best suit the present site conditions. When unique groundwater remediation systems are required, our team of engineers are often able to build off of existing systems and equipment to keep costs as low as possible for our clients.

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