Vapor Barrier


A vapor barrier is one potential solution to poor indoor air quality as a result of vapor intrusion. Vapor intrusion occurs when contaminants in soil and groundwater beneath structures evaporates and enters the buildings through cracks in the foundation or sub slab. While this is not a remedy for the environmental contamination itself, it may be an appropriate form of protection or preventative measure in some cases. This is true in cases where there are naturally occurring levels of toxic materials in soil or groundwater, or where contaminant remediation is out of the control of the building owners who are affected. In addition to protecting indoor air quality as it relates to toxic substances, it can also help prevent damage from moisture in general that would enter the building and potentially cause mold growth or other forms of water damage.

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, our team of knowledgeable environmental scientists, engineers, and geologists offer innovative solutions for any vapor barrier project. We approach each project as if it is a puzzle, using our extensive background knowledge, the latest materials and techniques of the trade, and any site-specific conditions to find the solution that's a perfect fit. We also work closely with our clients to address any and all project concerns including cost, schedule, and environmental impact.

If you're interested in taking this measure to protect your building from toxic vapors and moisture, contact us to learn more about our Michigan vapor barrier installation services today!