Due Care Plan

When it comes to Due Care, Michigan Consulting & Environmental puts our clients first. Due Care responsibilities don't need to be complicated or confusing. We make sure your Due Care responsibilities are presented in a manner that is easy to understand and follow, so you can put your plan into action with confidence and assurance that you're doing everything that is required without wasting time or money. Michigan Consulting & Environmental employs a team of environmental specialists who are dedicated to the safety of our clients and who are prepared to put their expertise to work to develop the best possible Due Care plan for your facility.

Due Care obligations fall on those who own or operate a contaminated property. Due Care requirements are put into place to ensure that when operations must continue at a contaminated site, it is done so as safely as possible. It's our philosophy that the most important aspect of a Due Care plan is a site-specific health and safety plan, for those events where interaction with contamination cannot be avoided. By having such a document within the Due Care Plan, our clients are armed with an understanding of what is necessary to prevent exposure to contaminants in a worst case scenario.

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