Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

The need for a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is dependent on the results of a Phase I ESA. If Phase I ESA results reveal that contamination may be present, a Phase II ESA may be recommended. During this assessment, further inspection of the potentially contaminated areas takes place, followed by sampling and testing of substances that may include soil, groundwater, air, or building materials. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we understand that a Phase II ESA can be a stressful undertaking and many clients may be concerned about timing or cost issues once they find out this assessment is needed. To help address these concerns, a dedicated project manager leads each assessment from start to finish while working closely with our clients.

Michigan Consulting & Environmental approaches Phase II investigations with the understanding that no amount of sampling can completely negate the possibility of hazardous substances or petroleum products in soil, groundwater, or soil vapors at a property. As a result, we use our experience and knowledge to focus on the areas most likely to contain hazardous materials based on the Phase I ESA results. Approaching Recognized Environmental Conditions in this manner allows us to balance appropriate investigation with economic constraints and each of our clients' degree of acceptable risk.

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