Waste Stream Consulting

Michigan Consulting & Environmental's team of knowledgeable and experienced environmental specialists is dedicated to improving environmental conditions at each of our clients' sites. Our waste stream consulting service is ideal for minimizing environmental risk, improving the flow of facility operations, and ensuring that all waste-related procedures are compliant with environmental regulations.

Each waste stream consulting venture is led by a dedicated and experienced project manager from start to finish. A project manager works closely with the client to assure we are able to address any and all waste stream and project concerns. Through waste characterization and an exploration of all possible disposal options, including the most recently developed methods, we are able to create a waste stream plan that will undoubtedly improve the efficiency of waste removal and reduce the risk of environmental contamination on site.

All facilities produce and dispose of waste, but in most cases, the disposal process could be improved to benefit all. To learn more about how our Michigan waste stream consulting services can help, contact us today.