Land Use Restrictions

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When a site or property is contaminated, a Land Use Restriction or Deed Restriction may be put into place to minimize the risk of harm due to contact with contaminants. If the property will be in use again, contamination remediation is necessary. If your property has been subject to a Deed Restriction or Land Use Restriction, Michigan Consulting & Environmental can help! We have over 100 years of combined experience navigating the regulatory systems of the state of Michigan, and we have the scientific, geological, and engineering expertise needed to get your property up to code.

A Land Use Restriction may be enacted for any one of several types of property contamination. Having a team of experienced professionals to help you identify, understand, and remediate any contamination issues on your property is the first step toward unrestricted use or sale of your land or facility. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, each Land Use Restriction or Deed Restriction case is overseen by a dedicated project manager who works closely with the client to address any environmental concern at the site while keeping costs as low as possible. Since each Land Use Restriction case is unique, we provide customized environmental solutions based on the specific requirements on site. A project manager ensures that the right technicians, specialists, and equipment are brought to each site, guaranteeing that you will receive the best solution for your unique Land Use Restriction issue.

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