Emergency Spill Cleanup

emergency cleanup

If a petroleum or chemical spill occurs, Michigan Consulting & Environmental can provide the thorough, professional, and timely remediation response you need! We employ a team of knowledgable environmental specialists who have decades of hazardous spill remediation experience. Emergency spill cleanup is not only necessary in order to maintain a clean and safe environment, but also to avoid being out of compliance with environmental regulations. Michigan Consulting & Environmental has the experience needed to help our clients understand the regulations they are subjected to and ensure compliance.

Petroleum, gas, and other chemicals can cause serious damage to the environment and human health if a spill occurs. We understand the urgency of spill remediation, and we are committed to providing the best possible emergency spill solutions while maintaining a safe work environment for our team and yours if a spill has occurred in or around your facility. A dedicated project manager works closely with our clients to ensure each emergency spill project is handled with the same care and commitment to excellence as any of our remediation projects.

When a spill occurs, don't wait! Call or contact Michigan Consulting & Environmental to learn about our emergency spill cleanup services.