Fuel Cleanup

spilled fuel

When a fuel spill or leak occurs, remediation is essential to contain the fuel and stop the hazardous substance from damaging the environment and making its way into water supplies. Michigan Consulting & Environmental provides expert fuel cleanup services for fuel spills of any size. Our experienced team of environmental specialists are ready to help remediate fuel spills in the most effective manner, whether that means simple remediation after a human error or providing effective solutions to a reoccurring or long-term source of contamination.

As with all of our cleanup services, we are dedicated to providing viable and cost-effective solutions while maintaining a safe work environment for our team and for our clients and their employees throughout the process. A dedicated project manager oversees each fuel cleanup job to ensure the right specialized members of our team are brought on site to find the most effective solution for the job at hand. To prevent the spread of fuel through the environment and the violation of environmental regulations, fuel cleanup should be handled by qualified environmental specialists and should be administered in a timely fashion.

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