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Chemicals and hazardous substances are commonplace in manufacturing facilities, and sometimes those contaminants can end up in the environment due to spills or gradual release. The key to environmental safety and control surrounding manufacturing facilities is planning and preparing based on the specific needs and conditions of each facility. Each environmental project at a manufacturing facility that we undertake is led by an experienced project manager who works closely with our clients to find the best solutions to any current or future environmental issue on site.

Michigan Manufacturing Environmental Services

Whether your manufacturing facility is in need of emergency spill cleanup services or environmental testing to identify contaminants on site, Michigan Consulting & Environmental has you covered! Our services also include expert environmental consulting that can improve the efficiency and environmental safety conditions at your facility. With over 100 years of experience handling consulting and cleanup cases in the manufacturing industry, our team offers effective and professional environmental services for any type of manufacturing facility.

To learn more about how Michigan Consulting & Environmental can improve working and safety conditions at your manufacturing facility, contact us today.