Inspection Services

If you own or operate a facility where bulk fuel or chemical storage is present, inspections are an essential preventative measure to avoid environmental contamination and liability. Oftentimes, a spill or pollution prevention plan will dictate how frequently an inspection is needed. A sufficient prevention plan will usually call for inspection once per month. During inspection, the tank body and parts are visually assessed for damage or concerning signs of wear. Surrounding site features that may require maintenance may also be inspected including catch basins for sediment, secondary containment structures, and oil-water separators.

inspectionAt Michigan Consulting & Environmental, our team of environmental experts have over 100 years of combined experience inspecting and servicing storage tanks including AST, UST, and LUST systems. We are committed to providing thorough inspections in compliance with environmental regulations; all inspections are completed with the best interest of our clients, their property, and the environment in mind. Not only do we provide our clients with top-rate inspections, but if an issue is discovered during inspection, we can also facilitate storage tank repairs, maintenance, removal, or, when the time comes, storage tank upgrade consulting.

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