Release Investigations


If a chemical or fuel release or spill occurs, federal and state environmental regulations require several steps that need to be taken by the responsible party within a specific time frame in order to avoid liability and further environmental contamination. Michigan Consulting & Environmental offers professional release investigation and remediation services for spills and releases of any hazardous material. Our team of environmental specialists including geologists, engineers, hydrologists, and consultants are dedicated to providing viable and cost-effective solutions for our clients while abiding all relevant environmental regulations.

The first step of release investigation is to identify the contaminants present in environmental media such as soil and groundwater. The source of the release should also be addressed and corrected to prevent continuous or reoccurring releases. At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we approach release investigations with a risk-based corrective action strategy. This means that our main goal is to provide information and recommended remediation services that will prevent exposure through eliminating the chemical, the exposure route, or the receptor while considering compliance and budget restrictions.

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