PFAS Remediation

Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid, also known as PFAS, is a chemical contaminant used in many products and applications including sealants, automotive treatments, and foam fire suppression. PFAS contamination has been discovered in many bodies of water in Michigan including aquifers that contain drinking water. Consumption of PFAS can lead to many health issues including thyroid disease and cancer. PFAS is not only a hazard in the immediate area of release, but it can also spread through air, soil, and any wildlife that drinks from tainted water sources. Because of these risks, PFAS contamination is a growing environmental concern across Michigan and the United States.

While state and federal environmental regulations are still catching up with new findings in the prevalence of PFAS contamination and its negative health effects, some regulations do apply to PFAS contaminated sites already. Our team is dedicated to keeping our clients compliant with all regulations, including those that may be new to contractors and business owners. PFAS remediation must be handled by licensed professionals in order to ensure that the contaminant is stopped from spreading and carefully extracted from polluted waters.

Michigan Consulting & Environmental offers effective remediation solutions for localized PFAS contamination due to foam fire suppression release, landfill contaminant buildup/leachate, or manufacturing and industrial activities. If you believe your business operations are causing PFAS contamination on your property, or if foam fire suppressant was recently used on your property, we can help! Our team of knowledgeable environmental experts will evaluate the site in question, conduct thorough PFAS testing, and remove the contaminated water to be filtered at the appropriate waste water treatment facility. Each step of the way, a dedicated project manager will work with you to address any and all concerns you may have about the project from timeline to cost.

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