UST and LUST Closures

tank closure

If you're considering closing your UST or LUST system or site, appropriate measures must be taken to prevent environmental contamination while decommissioning the system safely. Michigan Consulting & Environmental has handled thousands of UST and LUST closures. Our team of environmental specialists excel at storage tank closure projects partly due to our commitment to on-site safety and our extensive experience servicing UST systems at all stages of operation. Our team expertly conducts all phases of underground storage tank removals including excavating, removal, purging, cutting, cleaning, disposal, and closure-in-place in accordance with state and federal laws including Parts 211, 215, and 213 of PA 451 and 29 CFR 1910.120.

A LUST site can be closed only after the resultant plume or contamination is demonstrated to be stable or shrinking, and when all potential routes of exposure to contamination have been eliminated. When a leak is first detected, the regulations and steps to resolve the issue can seem overwhelming and impossible to comply with, but with the help of the experts at Michigan Consulting & Environmental, it doesn’t need to be so daunting. We can guide our clients through every step from detection and assessment to site closure.

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