Ground Penetrating Radar

ground penetrating radar

When it comes to analyzing information pertaining to various subsurface features, ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a viable, non-destructive option that our team of experts at Michigan Consulting & Environmental strategically uses. GPR is a non-intrusive electromagnetic tool that we utilize to identify details regarding subsurface anomalies, such as ground contamination as well as void space detection.

Ground penetrating radar is very useful in uncovering the location of these underground features through energy waves. This geophysical device uses a transmitter and receiver, allowing for the measurement of the waves’ speeds as they move through the subsurface. Once this information is collected, it is then plotted on a tablet, allowing our team of professionals to carefully analyze the recorded data without the need for a shovel or excavator.

Analyzing underground anomalies just became much easier with the help of ground penetrating radar. Contact our knowledgeable team at Michigan Consulting & Environmental today to learn more about GPR.