Leaking Underground Storage Tank

underground storage tank

A leaking underground storage tank (LUST) is a common environmental concern wherever fuel or chemicals are stored in bulk in underground storage tanks (USTs). A LUST results in release of fuel or chemicals into the ground that requires specific responses determined by the circumstances on-site and environmental regulations. Michigan Consulting & Environmental’s team of knowledgeable environmental specialists is trained and experienced in resolving LUST scenarios at any type of property including commercial, industrial, and residential.

USTs can store any number of chemicals or hazardous substances including those that cause cancer, immune deficiencies, central nervous system disorders, developmental disorders, and a host of other issues depending on what is being stored. Because of these risks, sticking to the required timeline of actions for LUST scenarios is essential. This means providing agencies with a complete delineation of impacted soil, groundwater, and soil vapor within one year of release discovery. Other required actions include an assessment of potential routes of contact with hazardous substances and elimination of these pathways where possible or abatement of them where elimination is not possible.

At Michigan Consulting & Environmental, we utilize a risk based approach to corrective action and find the best solution for the job at hand while considering overall cost and effectiveness of potential actions. Contact us today to learn more about our Michigan LUST services.